I’m Geena Matuson,
arts technologist, educator,
author and speaker.

A multimedia storyteller, I use print, digital, web, video and social to tell cohesive stories that prioritize relationships.

Creator Institute: Writing a book about the struggle of creators and finding your value

Creator Institute: Writing a book about the struggle of creators and finding your value


My greatest passion is writing, and my greatest goal in life is to write books. I’ve said this aloud many times and, yet, this is the first time I’m sure I’ve put it in writing.

And, now, I’m writing a book.

I recently joined Creator Institute to keep me accountable to completing a book and moving into publishing. Developed by entrepreneur and Georgetown University Professor Eric Koester, this nine month program is already providing me guidance and structure to help me achieve my goals.

I was actually introduced to this program by my classmate at Whitman, Randy Ginsburg. It’s kinda funny, in a way. In the fall, Randy asked to borrow my book for a paper we had to write. Then, in the spring, he came to one of my classes and introduced the book he had written.

It's pretty fortuitous I went to school for Arts Journalism, as my non-fiction book is largely interview-driven and focused on the meeting of art, technology and community. But, it's not just about conversations with others; I'm also having conversations with myself, facing internal struggles to move my biggest roadblock to my own goals: me. If you know me, you know that my work is very "meta," and this work is no exception. The book will focus on my personal journey to realizing my value — ideas I solidified through these conversations, which I held for the book-writing process. You can read some background on my journey in my recent Newsweek article, here.

This is a highly personal process, and I'm looking for support from you along this journey — those who've been there, and those who want to push past their own internal roadblocks to get there, too. If you'd like to be a part of this process, please join my newsletter and follow along through interviews with others and conversations with myself.

At present, my thesis focuses on finding and owning your personal value, and also seeing the valuable impact creatives have as community builders. This group influences economic growth and cultivates a cultural shift in once-declining areas. Real estate developers notice a change in these areas, and prices soar. Many creatives undervalue themselves, and often don’t have the business skills to develop themselves to scale alongside these communities. They can no longer afford these areas, and are forced out.

The book will focus on stories from creatives who identify with this external experience, and others who have worked through internal struggles to overcome barriers and see their value. Input from those in the arts, business realm and economy as it relates to public health and culture, will also take focus.

While other books and content focus on the economic impact of this group, my goal is to use these facts and stories to empower creatives. I aim to guide others toward actionable steps they can take to develop into the entrepreneurs they truly are. We know the business world can see you, creatives — now it’s time to see yourself, and harness the power you wield.

By shining a light on this societal perception of the artist, I also aim to expose the artist’s own detrimental thinking; we undervalue ourselves because that’s what we’ve always been told — so let’s change the narrative.

If you’re interested in speaking with me on any of these topics, have contacts who may be able to guide me or contribute to this work, please reach out and contact me!

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