First book by Geena Matuson, Dadalectic: Waking Dream features dreamy artworks and poetic stories in this surreal work. Gets yours @


For this package, my original written and artistic content was the basis for creating this 36-page book. I designed the book layout using Adobe InDesign and Photoshop. After extensive research into self-publishers and POD (print-on-demand) services, I chose to work with Blurb Books and conformed the layout design to their templates for printing.

I then registered as a publisher with ISBN agency Bowker, and purchased my own ISBNs. Through Blurb, I entered into the Global Retail Network for distribution. When the book was picked up by, I registered domain name, forwarding this URL to my Amazon shop page for easier shareability.

Next, I created a video for a social media marketing campaign. I started by creating a concept: a simple, long shot with a VO (voice-over) excerpt from the book, with CTA to engage with post. I assembled the one-minute video ad using stock footage and, using my audio engineering skills, mixed with audio I recorded. I crafted the video and effects using Adobe Premiere and Photoshop, followed by Media Encoder for the correct output settings per social host platform (i.e. Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook).

I uploaded the campaign video to YouTube and wrote caption subtitles, a file I then exported and used when natively hosting the video on Facebook for the social media awareness campaign. With a $50 spend over two weeks, the campaign yielded 61% video engagement with 7,030 people reached, which is above average for Facebook awareness campaign video engagement.

This strange, surreal and seemingly nonsensical collection of poetic stories and dreamy artworks play with pattern and perception in first book by me, "The Girl Mirage." This aptly subtitled 'waking dream' will take you into hypnagogia, a state of half-consciousness between wake and sleep.