This publishing package and social campaign for book “Dadalectic: Waking Dream” entailed a wide range of deliverables across print, digital, audio/video and social in order to concept and create, publish, distribute and finally bring awareness to the product.

I designed the book content and layout, then registered as a publisher. I then published with POD service Blurb Books, and “Dadalectic” was picked up by Amazon through the Ingram Spark Global Retail Network. A background in film production, editing, and audio engineering, I created a video for social. I used this video to run a successful awareness campaign on Facebook; with a $50 spend over two weeks, the campaign yielded 61% video engagement with 7,030 people reached.


I created a complete development package to turn DIY & Hair Dye, a defunct 14,000-member Myspace community forum, into its own company and social media network. Starting with customer personas, I created branding from concept through to marketing design with brand book covering: logo design, brand colors, and a naming convention chart. 

I developed the website using WordPress cPanel and integrated a forum and user profiles with custom profile options per membership level. Special content is gated behind a “premium” membership with PayPal Braintree, which I tested in developer mode and implemented with the theme.

I charted an extensive measurement plan for digital marketing strategy covering awareness, action, retention, referral and winback. I also strategized and designed landing pages with different CTAs. Each step in the customer journey was mapped across both free and premium website users by channel: display, email, organic vs. paid social, organic search (SEO) and paid search (SEM); campaigns to be run with Google AdWords and tracked through Google Analytics.


As a former Library Trustee and digital marketer, I advocate for teaching others about communication through technology. This 100-page social media guide walks you and your organization through the setup of a public Facebook page, the basics of Facebook usability, and best practices.

This thorough step-by-step book features large-print text and images to facilitate the learning process without information gaps.

Working with Medfield Memorial Public Library, I created the framework and the technical content for this tutorial. I then used Adobe InDesign and Photoshop to design the final product “Social Media Guide: Using Facebook For Your Library and Beyond.” This book was catalogued in the Minuteman Library network used throughout Massachusetts, US.