Graphic Design

As an expert user and software instructor for Adobe products, I use these programs to design for print and digital.

This includes advertisements, mockups and presentations, editorial such as newspaper and magazine layouts, branding systems, and more.


Lucky’s Market

Contracted Graphic Designer with integrated marketing agency Blue Soho of Quad/Graphics Inc., design focused on in-store displays and digital assets. This includes Lucky's Market social media ads and online coupons for use with both desktop and mobile platforms.


The Girl Mirage

The art that inspired the name, "The Girl Mirage" is an ongoing series working with and exploring new methods of digital art techniques through the human form. Forever interested in the face as a form of expression and a means of communication, these pieces aim to obscure reality - the truth - and present you with a mirage of the form with which we are so familiar.

Techniques have included watercolor textures, "high polygon" portraiture, and other personal methods discovered through the act of creation.


Trip to Italy: Photography Book

This 100-page photography book features images captured over a two-week trip to Italy centered on Rome and Venice, with additional day trips around various parts of the country.

With original photography, I used Adobe Photoshop and InDesign to design a print layout for use with Blurb Books POD services. After registering for a new ISBN as a publisher, “Trip to Italy” entered the Global Retail Network and was picked up by Amazon.


Hometown Weekly

Working with Hometown Publications, LLC, I created two, 20–32-page newspaper layouts per week using Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, and Quark Xpress. I also replicated 200 outdated client ads from Quark Xpress in Adobe InDesign while also designing original ads, and both implemented and maintained company’s internal content management system.