Multimedia Production

My work in multimedia production is rooted in my undergraduate degree followed my graduate studies, and ensuing work in video and audio productions. I start with pre-production, including scripts, shot lists, casting and hiring, coordinating, and contracts.

I direct and produce work, which can be a 20-person film shoot or a two-person podcast interview for which I act as host and audio engineer. I move into post-production with video and audio editing, foley work and sound design. When a production is complete, I also market and distribute the work, from podcasts to DVDs, festivals and streaming services.


Video Editing Reel

This demo reel shows various clips of work as film producer, director, post-production editor and colorist. See ungraded and color-graded clips side-by-side, highlighting the differences between the raw and colored visuals.

All clips can be found on Vimeo.

Music: Aphex Twin - 'Ageispolis'


Color Grading

This color grading demo reel shows various clips from 16mm/HD psychodrama "My Big Bad Wolf" (2013), highlighting work as producer, director, post-production editor and colorist. See select ungraded and graded clips side-by-side for easy comparison.

"Can you figure out how we shot the girl's reflection in the water?"

Music: Moth Vegas


Video Production

Experimental and narrative shorts shot with video and film. Short “Ice Cream for Breakfast” nominated as semi-finalist in the Adobe Design Achievement Awards; I wrote, directed, produced, and edited.

The Best A Man Can Get

Part of the "Fauxmercials" series of "fake commercials" highlighting my work in production, directing and writing while commenting on societal standards and politics through comedic storytelling and relationships.


A short film based on a personal experience, nominated as a semi-finalist in the Adobe Design Achievement Awards.

Trailer for B.F.A. thesis film funded by a successful Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, "My Big Bad Wolf" is a 30-minute, 16mm film and HDV psychodrama based on some familiar fairytales...

What happens when a "robber" wants a ride to the bank? A young man heads home for the night – but he's "taken for a ride" by the robber...

This silent, short film features original music by both the filmmaker and compositions by John Cage. All double-exposure for this film was done in-camera for this surrealist short.



Journalistic interviews and documentary videos and podcasts require a comfortability with audio and video equipment and engineering, time management, and relationship management skills.


Video sample “Endeavor with Tay Lotte of Ravle, Inc.” is one of a series focused on university student entrepreneurs.

Meeting In The Media.png

Meeting in the Media

Offering video and audio content at the intersection of media and technology.

Videos feature host Geena Matuson and guests in the media and tech space, while the podcast features journalistic content and sit-down interviews with media specialists and entrepreneurs through a more personal conversation.

“I’ve found when people talk about what they’re interested in, they’re talking about what they do,” Matuson says. “So let’s get to know each other on a deeper level, and meet in the media.”