My Big Bad Wolf

A couple is living in the woods, a nondescript place out of time. The couple's relationship is deteriorating, as they have confused love – with possession. The two bate each other, constantly playing mind games. But are these mind tricks The girl starts seeing herself – a 'double' of herself – and wonders if it's just a dream, or if her reflection has escaped into reality. Her own mind deteriorates and she is finally confronted with – herself.

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Producer, Writer & Director: Geena Matuson
Cinematography: Geena Matuson, Geoff Briggs
Featuring: Chelsea Ross Miller, Vasilios Asimakos
Assistance: Rick Desilets, Tara Neves
Post-Production & Sound Design: Geena Matuson
Soundtrack: Moth Vegas


Select Features

2016 | Finow Int'l Film & Script Festival, Studentenclub Eberswalde e.V., Germany
2015 | Promotional Feature,
2013 | One To Watch Award, Red Wasp Film Festival, StageCenter Theatre, Bryan TX, US
2013 | Germany After Dark Horror Festival, Germany
2013 | My Big Bad Wolf Premiere, Pozen Center, Boston MA, US
2012 | Cover, Photo of the Year Bronze Medal, Better Photography Magazine



"My Big Bad Wolf" was successfully funded by a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, providing backers with an assortment of art prints and DVDs.

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Interview with Big Bad Lead Actress Chelsea Ross Miller

Producer, writer and director Geena Matuson interviews Big Bad lead actress Chelsea Ross Miller, capturing the starlet's point of view along with various production clips.


Color Grading Demo Reel

A look at the film's post-production work, this color grading demonstration shows select, ungraded and graded clips side-by-side. You can see how simple changes in color can also influence the mood.

Post-Production: Geena Matuson
Music: Moth Vegas