Geena Matuson shares her travel photography and also her editorial design skills with book “Trip To Italy.”

Trip to Italy: Photography Book

Join me on a two-week trip to Italy taken with my undergraduate university, Massachusetts College of Art & Design. After several successful exhibitions featuring prints from the series, I created this 96-page travel photography book featuring over 100 images of my trip, which includes an introduction to and commentary on most areas we visited.

With original photography, I first created a cohesive selection of my images for print. Using Adobe Photoshop and InDesign, I designed a print layout for use with POD (print on demand) service Blurb Books. Using Blurb materials, I chose a premium paper, which is most similar to the quality of the archival, giclee prints used in the gallery setting. After registering a new ISBN with Bowker under my publishing account, “Trip to Italy” entered the Global Retail Network and was picked up by

We spent several days in Rome, moving through Vatican City, and nearly two weeks in Venice with trips through northern Italy. What's further, we discovered that one of the students in our class was a bit of a celebrity. See parts of Italy through photographs you wouldn’t find on travel websites, and experience the day-to-day of the cities through the lens of a street photographer.


Shows & Awards

2018-2013 | Undergraduate Admissions Collection, Massachusetts College of Art, Boston MA, US
2016 | Summer Solo Show, The Gallery at Medfield TV, Medfield MA, US
2014 | Harmony: A Juried Int'l Photography Exhibition, PH21 Gallery, Szkéné Theatre, Budapest, Hungary
2013 | Graduating Senior Exhibition, Stephan D. Paine Gallery, Massachusetts College of Art, Boston MA, US